SEO, Social Media, PPC and Analytics Audits

Expert analysis and insights that drive real improvements

Not getting the results you expect from your digital marketing programs, but having trouble identifying where the issues lie?

DBE has a proven track record of helping our clients uncover problem areas and make the necessary changes to turn subpar performance into exceptional results.

DBE brings 17years of SEO, PPC, social media, and analytics experience and a client-first Omotenashi approach to each audit we conduct. Our audit services include:

SEO Audits: Are you targeting the right keywords? How are your page-load speeds? Is your site ready for Google’s mobile-first transition? How are your competitors doing? 

Organic Social Media Audits: Are you where your audience is? Are you managing your social media footprint effectively? Are your social posts brand fortifying?  How are your engagement levels? Do your followers even see your updates?

PPC Audits: Is your budget being fully utilized? Are there underperforming keywords or ads that should be changed? Are you taking full advantage of all of AdWords extensions and offerings?

Paid Social Media Audits: Are you targeting properly? Is your budget delivering the reach you need? Are you seeing real and measurable business results from your social advertising?

Google Analytics: is the tool set up to capture the information you value most? Is anything missing? We usually find something amiss when we audit Analytics configurations, something that’s keeping those “info gems” from leaping out at you.

Let us help you tangibly improve your digital marketing performance with recommendations, implementation guidance, and, if you’d like we can pick up the ongoing management of your programs too.

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